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CUSH to Complete Waterfront Buffer

BY Joe WojtasThey Day • 10/15/2009 Volunteers from Clean up Stonington Harbors are scheduled to complete their waterfront buffer demonstration project behind Stonington Commons in the borough Saturday morning, Oct. 17. The project, located alongside Stonington Harbor, is designed to educate waterfront property owners about the benefits of certain plantings along the water’s edge instead of […]

Please Flush The Idea Of Sandy Point Floating Toilet

Ann Baldelli Associate Editorial Page EditorThe Day • 2/24/2008 Here are some reasons why a floating toilet at Sandy Point is not such a great idea. Liability. Vandalism. Aesthetics. Practicality. Viability. Will a floating restroom moored in Little Narragansett Bay substantially reduce the amount of nitrogen in Stonington Harbor, as proponents hope will be the […]

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