Brochure covers clean boating

The New London Day • 3/29/2010

“How Boaters Can Help Clean Up Stonington Harbors,” a free brochure, is being offered by the Stonington-based nonprofit group CUSH to marinas, yacht clubs, and other boating organizations for distribution to their customers and members.

Information in the brochure covers where boaters can call for a free holding tank pumpouts. Designed as an on-board reference, it lists radio and telephone contacts for environmentally “Clean Marinas” and pumpout services. It also gives the Web address for a Connecticut shoreline pumpout directory.

The CUSH telephone number, (860) 949-0911, is included for confidential reporting of boaters seen emptying tanks illegally.

There is also information in the brochure about securing trash on board, and recommendations for environmentally friendly boating practices and products. To print a copy, click the “What To Do” tab at For copies, call (860) 949-0911 or send an e-mail to: