Helping Horseshoe Crabs

In response to ever-increasing pressures on our local horseshoe crab populations, we have established a long-term partnership with Charles River Laboratory to provide multiple opportunities to engage in horseshoe crab conservation. In 2018 we expanded our crab monitoring and tagging efforts to include the collection of horseshoe crab eggs to be reared in the aquaculture space by the Aquarium’s teen conservation group.
A female horseshoe crab may lay more than 80,000 eggs each breeding season, but only a tiny fraction of them will make it to adulthood. We are one of a handful of organizations trying to figure out how to culture horseshoe crabs from eggs. The ultimate goal is to release these reared animals to help boost populations in impacted areas throughout North America.

Join the Action
Join in May and June as we head to the beach to witness these “living fossils” gather during our nighttime horseshoe crab monitoring walks.  As we walk a few miles along the coast, we’ll learn the important roles these animal play in the ecosystem, economy and ensuring human health. Learn More

Mystic Aquarium 5/5/2022