Network Member Spotlight: Clean Up Sound and Harbors (CUSH)

Clean Up Sound and Harbors (CUSH)The mission of CUSH, Inc. is to clean up and protect Fishers Island Sound and its coves, inlets, bays, rivers, and harbors. Their mission is pursued through sustained water quality monitoring and by promoting environmental stewardship through public education. They offer volunteer opportunities to join their efforts in coastal cleanups, water quality testing, organic turf management, sound-friendly boating, fundraising, and publicity.  

CUSH volunteers have collected water quality data with guidance from the University of Rhode Island Watershed Watch for fifteen years.

They joined the Long Island Sound Unified Water Study in 2017, and provide monitoring data for the LIS Report Card from three waterways, Mystic Harbor, Mystic River, and Wequetequock Cove. CUSH is a trusted local source of water quality information and they share tips with residents and visitors about healthy lawn and garden management, safe boat pump-outs, and clean marina practices. Since 2012, CUSH has collaborated with organizations in the region, including Mystic Aquarium and Save the Bay in Rhode Island to host coastal cleanups and remove shoreline debris. Recently, CUSH Collaborated with other groups to develop a community-based action plan with recommendations for reducing sources of nitrogen pollution entering coastal waters

“We applaud CUSH’s dedication to protecting clear water, clean beaches and healthy seagrass. Their work helps support swimming, fishing, boating, and safe seafood that people around the Sound enjoy.” – Holly Drinkuth, Co-Chair of the Long Island Sound Study Citizen’s Advisory Committee and Director of Outreach and Watershed Projects at The Nature Conservancy

Thank you CUSH,
for all your hard work!

Long Island Sound Coastal Watershed Network

April 7, 2022

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