What Goes On The Ground, Ends Up In The Sound

By CUSH, Inc.

What’s up, or almost up? Dandelions!!!!

It’s nearly time for our second annual dandelion dig at the Stonington High School baseball field. Stay posted – we’ll be talking to the coaches and watching for the first few yellow blooms. Then we’ll need you and your favorite dandelion digger to do some preventive field management. We have successfully concluded the first year of our three-year trial collaboration using the organic/natural systems approach that protects our kids from unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals and improves our local water quality… smart, safe land management for our kids and our coastal waters.

What’s New?

CUSH has requested that the Stonington K-12 Building Committee include specifications for establishing the quality of playing fields and grounds in the plans for the elementary schools’ expansion/rehabilitation. This will enable those properties to be managed effectively with organic and natural methods. Typically, during construction, fields and grounds are not provided topsoil of sufficient depth and quality to effectively and sustainably support healthy, safe turf. Providing proper topsoil costs more up front, but much less in the long run for maintenance and repair. Van Riley, Superintendent of Schools, and committee member George Crouse were in favor of extending organic management to the two elementary schools, beginning with the preparation of the soils. Others on the Committee also expressed interest, but made no commitments. Let the Board of Selectmen (selectmen@stonington-ct.gov) and the members of the K-12 Building Committee know that you support starting out right rather than having to change and remediate later.

What do you need to do?

For your own property, first things first – do a soil test! Find out what you really need to make your landscaping healthy and strong. Instructions and forms are available at https://soiltest.umass.edu. Getting your soil tested is easy, quick and inexpensive. UMASS laboratories provide the best service in our region. Ask for organic analyses (an extra charge) and request recommendation for using organic methods. If you need help getting the samples, completing the forms, or interpreting the results, email CUSH and ask for assistance.