CUSH 2016: Celebrating 10 Years!

By CUSH, Inc.

Annual Meeting 2016

At our Annual Meeting in December, CUSH Founding President Gracelyn Guyol expressed her gratitude for all the hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and generosity that has enabled CUSH to grow, thrive and survive through its first decade as an organization. What she started ten years ago has become a force for water protection recognized throughout the states of Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Its successes have been accomplished by the determined work of committed volunteers and the exceptionally generous support of our membership.

We are very excited about all that we have accomplished and about our new initiatives for 2017, some of which are highlighted on the following pages.

Over the course of nearly thirty years I have worked with almost eighty organizations, yours is certainly one of the top, and one that has helped Watershed Watch refine its procedures and its work. I look forward to more fruitful years with CUSH on board.

– Linda Green, Program Director, URI Watershed Watch

2016 Highlights

  • Invited by Save the Sound/Connecticut Fund for the Environment to be one of three groups participating in the bi-state Unified Water Study, part of the Long Island Sound Report Card program
  • Received grants from The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut and the Long Island Sound Futures Fund
  • Successfully completed the first year of a three-year organic turf management collaboration with Stonington aimed at reducing nitrogen runoff that is polluting our coastal waters
  • Conducted a coastal clean-up project at the site of the future Mystic River Boathouse Park
  • Convened two meetings with residents, state and local representatives, scientists, and other concerned nonprofit groups to explore possible solutions to the algae bloom choking Little Narragansett Bay
  • And of course continued with our regular work of monitoring the health of our precious coastal waters

Thank You

A special thank you to our outgoing board members Richard Chamberlain and Paul Watts for their dedication to healthy water.