Coastal Cleanups

Eleven volunteers + two hours work + 1/4 mile of Mystic River shoreline = 350 pounds of trash that did not make it into our cherished ocean waters. Everyone started off this 2013 cleanup effort thinking that there wasn’t much to clean up, because not much was visible. However after two hours when all the volunteers gathered together, they were shocked at the huge amount, yet gratified by what their efforts had produced.

Marine debris is a real threat to our oceans’ health. Nearly 80% of that debris comes from land sources, and most of that is composed of plastics. Plastic debris is found floating in all the world’s oceans, from the polar regions to the equator. From the plastic bags or bottles that break down into microscopic particles that are consumed by tiny zooplankton to the fishing lines that entangle the giant whales, marine debris has devastating consequences.

One of the best ways to stop trash from reaching the sea is shoreline cleanups. CUSH is working with local organizations – cub scouts and church groups, schools and non-profits, all pitching in to prevent the destructive results of marine debris.

Take a look at this video from 2011 of a cleanup we did with Save the Bay and Clean the Bay on the Pawcatuck River and Sandy Point


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